September Greens Review and Maintenance Work 

September has been like August with a dry start to the month and a rainy finish with 21mm of rain falling in the last week. Spiking the greens twice this month has enabled water to percolate through the thatch layer and the greens have remained firm.

This is the time of year that becomes more and more difficult to maintain a consistent surface and to prevent disease due to more restrictions and more chemicals banned. The importance of mechanical methods is now paramount i.e. aeration, scarifying, deep aeration and seeding greens after hollow coring with grasses that are mores resistant to disease. These are unfortunately all things golfers don’t like but are all essential to maintain healthy greens.

As well as rain falling to the ground there has also been a couple of trees fall and as a result they have been reduced in height. Over the coming months some more of the tree belts will have their canopy raised for the on-coming leaf shedding of the trees. Canopy raising not only helps with speed of play but also enables us to get between the trees and pick up leaves.

Aeration of the 5th and 3rd fairway is still to be done as it was too dry and there were concerns that it would pull up in places.

Finally, this month I will mention bunkers. Bunkers have and will always be a greenkeepers nightmare. With comments ranging from too hard, too soft, too much or not enough, too wet, dry and even fluffy all in the same week. There has been a supply and demand issue with suppliers now to a lot of courses ourselves included and since lockdown the bunkers have not been touched. We are hoping to receive a sand delivery in the next couple of weeks and will endeavour to get this into the bunkers as soon as possible.

During October a new competition tee will be constructed on the 10th removing a tree on 17th.