August has been a tale of 2 halves. A warm start turned into a temperatures exceeding 35 which continued into the 2nd week of August. To combat this wetting agent application was increased along with spiking greens to help water from the irrigation to penetrate below the surface.

Watering with the hosepipe was also required to help with some areas of greens. This is only done first thing in the morning as applying water in these temperatures can cause the leaf to scorch. These temperatures highlight the problems with the sprinklers and by the time this has been highlighted the turf is already under stress, This can sometimes even vary between one day and the next – especially on the 14th green which has a pure sand base.

Then came the second half of August. We always say too hot, too cold, too dry or too wet but within one week (14th – 20th August) the thunderstorms delivered 77mm of rain – a month’s worth of rainfall with the final week giving us another 23-5mm of rain.

Further spiking and wetting agent applications which help to get the water down into the soil profiles has helped get the greens back in play within a few hours. Moisture levels through the soil profile are now even instead of being mailing at the surface helping with the nutrient uptake.

The rest of the course benefited greatly from the rain and quickly went from being brown to green with the mowers and greenkeepers now keeping up with the growth for good playing conditions. The greens have been spiked with chisel tines at the end of the month which cut roots encouraging new growth. This takes place when the temperatures and moisture levels are good, usually early spring and autumn.