August Greens Report



Continued aeration and topdressing will help level surfaces and dilute thatch levels. As the spring maintenance was missed in April some areas on the greens have taken longer to recover. The 14th green will be cored along with some areas on the greens that are still a problem.

Unless conditions, get too hot through August, height of cut will remain at 4mm along with a continuation of the nutrient programme to keep the plant healthy.

Ironing of the greens before major competitions will also take place if conditions allow.

Plant growth regulations is applied to the greens and aprons to reduce clippings and increase density.

Aprons and Surrounds:

Aprons are being spiked along with the greens to help with air and water penetration. Nutrients and weeding agents will be applied when spraying the greens. Height and cut will be lowered this month as they have recovered from the spring drought.


Tee heights will be lowered to 12mm from 14mm unless water has to be prioritised to the greens.


Fairways are cut twice a week if conditions allow at 13mm.

Rough and tree coppices:

These will be cut once a week at height of 2 inches


These will be raked everyday if possible unless other work is extended.